FRR Nov 2016 | Three Scientific Studies Influence Poland

In FRI’s recent trip to Europe, three scientific studies Dr. Cameron brought to Poland jolted its Parliament. They also excited audiences across the country, and made the media furious. Each of these studies showed why accepting the LGBT agenda is a big mistake.

Homosexuals often complain that others mistreat them. They whine that heterosexuals do not respect them, that heterosexuals do not want to be around them, and that they do not like them. Homosexuals argue because of this that society needs gay rights laws to force people to at least treat LGBTs as though they do not want to avoid them.

Homosexual males also claim they have high HIV infection rates — acquired, by the way, from other homosexuals — because of societal discrimination. Gay leaders assert that LGBT anti-discrimination laws would result in homosexuals respecting themselves and ending their self-destructive behavior of infecting one another with HIV.
But the first study FRI presented to the Polish Parliament demolished these claims!

At the heart of this study — an ongoing 35-year natural experiment all across the world — is the conclusion of Dr. Wu Zunyou, director of China’s AIDS-Prevention Center and the counterpart to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), after reviewing attempts by countries to slow the spread of HIV. He noted, “No country in the world has discovered an effective way to curb the epidemic among gay men.” [1]

Of course, every government around the globe has been trying to curb the spread of HIV among gay males. Each HIV infection comes with an enormous cost (e.g., about $700,000/infection in the U.S.), strains the health system, and is a harbinger of more gay-related infections. Significantly, education regarding effective condom use has curbed new HIV infections among heterosexuals as well as prostitutes and their customers. Further, by telling IV drug abusers not to ‘share works’ and giving them free clean needles, new HIV infections have been lowered also in this group, even though druggies will steal, lie to their mothers, and possibly even ‘kill for a fix.’

Interviews with Polish Media

Dr. Zunyou concluded that no matter the language or culture, gay males refused to adequately protect themselves or their partners. Homosexuals complain that ‘people do not like them,’ but apparently they do not care enough about protecting either themselves or their partners to curb their sexual activities. Recent projected tallies of HIV infections in the U.S. (Table 1 [2]) underscore Dr. Zunyou’s assessment.

Table 1. New U.S. HIV Infections
Group \ Year 2009 2013 Relative Change
Gay Males 29,311 32,307 Up 10%
IV Drug Abusers 2,687 2,051 Down 24%
Heterosexuals 4,667 4,021 Down 14%
Total 36,721 38,479 Up 5%

Thus this study of new HIV infections seems to demonstrate that:

  • Gay males do not care about themselves and each other to the degree that prostitutes care about themselves and their clients;
  • Gay males do not care about themselves and each other to the degree that heterosexuals care about themselves and their partners; and
  • Gay males do not care about themselves and each other to the degree that IV drug abusers do!

Dr. Cameron on Polish Television

The second study analyzed data reported by the CDC [3] regarding the outcomes of 25 years of trying to encourage high school kids to view homosexuality in a positive light. Shockingly,

  • Self-identified heterosexuals declined about 6.5% (from 93% in 2001–9 to 87% in 2015);
  • Teens saying they were sexually confused or unsure increased 59% (from 2.5% to 3.9%); and
  • Teens claiming to be gay/bisexual increased 71% (from 5.8% to 8.9%).

By encouraging appreciation and tolerance of homosexuality, U.S. educators and public health officials are possibly depressing the very kind of sexuality vital to our posterity! Homosexuality and bisexuality produce very few babies, but lots of social problems. Without a large generation of youth ‘in the pipeline,’ the American elderly should be worried about who will take care of them, as are the Japanese elderly today.

The third study showed that, as indexed by Google News, the more a country tolerated and accepted LGBTs, the larger the share of its child molestation that was homosexual in nature. While not a perfect correlation (such things rarely exist), the association was marked. Since nine countries were involved — including China, Russia, the U.S., and Great Britain — the results have a considerable degree of certainty. Overall, the essence of each these three studies argues against granting extra societal rights to LGBTs.

Infectious disease expert, Dr. Piot, continues to warn about the coming of the ‘next epidemic.’ While he emphasizes the risk posed by the movements and migrations of both people and mosquitoes, he does not mention homosexuality. Yet syphilis is once again growing (among gay males particularly), and we now know that Ebola mutated substantially in its latest run through Africa. Very few germs fail to mutate if they manage to infect enough people. In fact, every person infected is yet another lab in which the virus could possibly change. So the tilt of our elite toward homosexual acceptance is not merely a drag on heterosexuality among our youth, but potentially setting the stage for a new germ to roar through Western Civilization.

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