Mar 2017 | FRI Chairman Addresses UCCS College Republicans

FRI Chairman, Dr. Paul Cameron, addressed the College Republican campus group at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs on March 8, 2017. We have posted a portion of the video of his address here. Dr. Cameron’s presentation was entitled “Will Homosexuality’s Rapid Rise Among Youth Ruin Trump’s Plans?”

He cited new research on the linkage between the demographic crisis facing the U.S. and the Western world in general, the recent growth in homosexuality among both our youth and young adults, and the fact that states which voted for Hillary Clinton in the recent U.S. presidential election exhibit significantly lower average total fertility rates than states which voted for Donald Trump.

APA Fraud — Hooker Study Did Not Prove Homosexuals Are Normal

PRESS RELEASE — September 4, 2012

American psychiatry says it categorizes mental disorders based on scientific facts – not political pressure. Those who promote homosexuality as normal cite the fact that professional associations no longer consider homosexuals disordered.

A new examination of the study that ‘changed psychiatric minds’ about homosexuality reveals such sloppiness that the scientific method had to have been ignored in favor of political correctness. Psychiatry’s junior partner — the American Psychological Association [APA] — sold psychiatrists a bill of goods when it claimed the Hooker study was ‘definitive’ proof that homosexuals were normal. Though Hooker’s study of 30 gays aimed to show homosexuals could not be detected by standard psychological tests, her subjects were unable to stop talking about homosexuality during the testing— a clear indication of obsessive compulsion!

Thanks in substantial part to efforts by the APA, the Hooker study attained near-sacred status in textbooks and court proceedings. A newly published editorial in the peer-reviewed journal Marriage & Family Review details how the APA colluded with Hooker to grossly misrepresent her findings.

“This may be the first fraud committed by a scientific organization. As the Hooker study is so central to the ‘homosexuals are normal’ argument, its exposure reopens the question of whether homosexuals are mentally disturbed,” said Dr. Paul Cameron, one of the study’s authors. “The American Psychiatric Association defines a mental disorder as ‘associated with… a significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain, [or] disability….’ Given that homosexuals are at significantly greater risk of suffering mental and physical diseases — and this apparently leads to their shortened average lifespan — homosexuality would appear to qualify as a mental disorder.”

How Long Do Homosexuals Live?

Do those involved in homosexuality live as long on average as non-homosexuals? Hard evidence is difficult to come by, but the data we do have suggests that homosexuality tends to shorten life by many years. This briefing summarizes some of the key data.

U.S. Obituaries Over 13 Years

6,737 obituaries from 18 U.S. homosexual journals, compared to obituaries from 2 mainstream newspapers

Category Mean Age At Death % Who Died Aged 65+
Heterosexual Married Men 75 80%
Heterosexual Married Women 79 85%
Homosexual Males, AIDS Deaths 39 1%
Homosexual Males, Non-AIDS Deaths 42 9%
Lesbians 44 20%

Statistics Denmark, 1990-2002

Official death tallies — Ever married individuals vs. ever homosexually-partnered (561 gays, 91 lesbians)

Category Mean Age At Death % Who Died Aged 65+
Ever Married Men 74 79%
Ever Married Women 78 85%
Ever Homosexually Partnered Men 51 22%
Ever Homosexually Partnered Women 56 24%


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How Much Child Molestation is Homosexual?

Do homosexuals disproportionately molest children? Gay activists vehemently deny it, yet the empirical evidence says otherwise. The key concept is proportionality. Probably a numerical majority of child molestations involve a male adult and a female child, but given the small fraction of homosexual practitioners, the number of homosexual molestations is disproportionate to the percentage of homosexuals. This briefing summarizes some of the key evidence.

Three Critical Facts

  • Homosexuals comprise < 2% of adults
  • 90+% of child molesters are male
  • The Gay Report — 23% of gays reported sex with boys aged <16; 7% with boys aged <13

From Facts to Disproportionate Reality

  • Human Rights Watch 2008 World Report — ~150 million girls, ~73 million boys “have experienced rape or other sexual violence”
  • U.S., Canadian reports — girl/boy ratio also about 2:1
  • 25-40% of molestations are thus same-sex, far in excess of the percentage of homosexuals

Homosexual Molestation in Positions of Authority

  • ~43% of sex between teachers & pupils
  • ~50% of sex between foster parents & foster children
  • 21 group home sex scandals — 71% were same-sex

Sex With One’s Own Children

  • Homosexual parents — 18%; Heterosexual parents — 0.6%


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Do Homosexual Teachers Pose A Risk?

Current Educational “Wisdom” — 1995

Major educational associations tell U.S. Supreme Court there is no “foundation in fact” to the claim that gay teachers “are more likely than heterosexual men to molest children”

The Empirical Truth

  • Every comparative study indicates gay teachers are the most likely — and heterosexual female teachers the least likely — to sexually molest students
  • Homosexuals comprise ≤ 4% of teachers, but far out-do their share of teacher-pupil molestations

Media News Reports, 1980-2006

  • 902 teachers molested 3,457 students; 43% of perpetrators were homosexual
  • Disproportionate homosexual ‘footprint’ around the world: Ireland (63%), New Zealand (62%), Canada (60%), Scotland (54%), Australia (48%), England (47%), U.S. (35%), Africa (26%), Asia (13%)

Survey of Principals

  • 1400 principals asked about teacher-student sex complaints
  • 7% reported homosexual contact, 13% heterosexual contact; 35% of all complaints were about homosexual teachers

Reports by Superintendents

  • New York State — 225 reported cases of student sexual abuse by “professional staff;” 27% of abuses were homosexual
  • North Carolina — 21 high school teachers disciplined for sexual contact with students in “past 3 years;” 29% were homosexual

Disciplinary Actions

  • 199 teachers disciplined for molesting pupils in 10 western U.S. states
  • 32% of perpetrators engaged in homosexuality


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Are Homosexuality and Violence Linked?

A Shocking Murder

  • 2011 begins with news reports of the “corkscrew” murder: 21 yr-old male model murders his lover, a 65 yr-old Portuguese gay activist; cuts off his testicles with a corkscrew
  • Shocking aberration? One-time event? Or part of a pattern?

Homosexuality and Violence Are No Strangers

  • Top six U.S. serial killers were all involved in homosexuality
  • Past 5 years: 22% of 2,281 male homosexuals reported gay-on-gay physical violence; 5.1% reported gay-on-gay rape

Disproportionate Domestic Violence

  • Yearly domestic violence reports are disproportionately homosexual
  • Married adults reporting domestic violence: men = 0.04%; women = 0.24%
  • Homosexually-partnered adults reporting domestic violence: gays = 4.6%; lesbians = 5.8%

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, 2004

  • Homosexuals more apt to report being raped, robbed, or assaulted each year
  • Homosexuals = 3.2%; heterosexuals = 1%


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How Many Homosexuals Are There?

Beginning of a Myth — 1948

  • Dr. Alfred Kinsey claims “37% of all men” had engaged in homosexuality; “10% were more or less homosexual”
  • Gay activists and academicians treat 10% figure as fact; endlessly repeat it

The Problem

  • Kinsey’s sampling method was woefully defective; heavily overloaded with prisoners, gay bars, and prostitutes; completely non-random
  • Distorted picture of American sexual habits; severely overestimated the prevalence of homosexuality

Best Evidence Today

  • < 2% of adults are currently ‘homosexual’ in large-scale probability surveys
  • Sexual preference/orientation is not ‘fixed’ or ‘frozen,’ even in adulthood; some try or abandon many kinds of sex, including homosexuality

1996, US Centers for Disease Control

  • National Household Survey of Drug Abuse, 12,381 non-institutionalized adults, aged 18-59
  • 1.3% of men, 1.1% of women participated in homosexual activity during the past year

2004, Statistics Canada

  • 121,300 adults
  • “1.0% of Canadians aged 18 to 59 considered themselves homosexual, and 0.7% considered themselves bisexual”

2010, British Office of National Statistics

    • 238,000 adults aged 16+
    • Response rate close to 96%
    • 1.6% of men, 1.3% of women said they were homosexual or bisexual


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Press Release, Mar 2010 — Post Office Bars FRI Mailing

Post Office Bars Mail Critical of Gays in Military as ‘Obscene’ and ‘Treasonable’

March 17, 2010

Colorado Springs, CO: You can’t send mail disagreeing with President Obama on gays in the military!

So Family Research Institute (FRI) discovered March 4. The Post Office refused to send FRI’s mail saying it was ‘obscene’ and ‘’incited forcible resistance against the government!’

The Post Office has rejected mail in the past, but never for both being obscene and inciting violence.’ So this FRI mailing becomes the nation’s first ‘two-fer.’ Read more »

Dr. Cameron (FRI) vs. Dave Garrity (MGLPA)

May 29, 2000

Debate Topic: “Special Rights” for Homosexuals (Download)