How Long Do Homosexuals Live?

Do those involved in homosexuality live as long on average as non-homosexuals? Hard evidence is difficult to come by, but the data we do have suggests that homosexuality tends to shorten life by many years. This briefing summarizes some of the key data.

U.S. Obituaries Over 13 Years

6,737 obituaries from 18 U.S. homosexual journals, compared to obituaries from 2 mainstream newspapers

Category Mean Age At Death % Who Died Aged 65+
Heterosexual Married Men 75 80%
Heterosexual Married Women 79 85%
Homosexual Males, AIDS Deaths 39 1%
Homosexual Males, Non-AIDS Deaths 42 9%
Lesbians 44 20%

Statistics Denmark, 1990-2002

Official death tallies — Ever married individuals vs. ever homosexually-partnered (561 gays, 91 lesbians)

Category Mean Age At Death % Who Died Aged 65+
Ever Married Men 74 79%
Ever Married Women 78 85%
Ever Homosexually Partnered Men 51 22%
Ever Homosexually Partnered Women 56 24%


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