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Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman, is a frequent lecturer and author of over 90 scientific articles and five books, including The Gay Nineties and Exposing the AIDS Scandal. Dr. Cameron earned his doctorate in Psychology from the University of Colorado and was a university professor at the University of Louisville, the University of Nebraska, and Fuller Theological Seminary before becoming Chairman of FRI.

Nominated in 1985 by national gay magazine The Advocate as “the most dangerous man in America,” he has served as a medical and social-psychological expert in numerous court cases across the country, including dozens of child custody cases involving a homosexual parent. Dr. Cameron is a reviewer on homosexual submissions for the British Medical Journal (among the top 5 general science journals in the world), and is also a reviewer for Psychological Reports and the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association. According to the National Library of Medicine and its online compilation of published medical and psychological research (PubMed), he is listed as one of the top ten researchers in the world on homosexuality in terms of number of published citations.

As the man every homosexual ‘loves to hate,’ critics of Dr. Cameron are numerous. In 2005, The Advocate once again listed him as one of it’s most loathed, this time as ‘public enemy #2.’ Further, numerous charges have been lodged over the years that Dr. Cameron’s scientific work has been either unethical or that he has engaged in scientific misconduct. A careful review of the facts shows quite the opposite.

Dr. Kirk Cameron, Statistical Scientist and FRI Board Member, has served as a lecturer and researcher for FRI since 1983. He earned his doctorate in Statistics at Stanford University and helped conduct and analyze FRI’s nationwide sexuality survey. Dr. Cameron has spoken at college campuses, churches, and political conferences, and has appeared on C-SPAN.

He has written more than twenty scientific articles on FRI’s survey findings, AIDS, and homosexuality, and has authored or co-authored almost 60 professional articles, technical reports, books, and government guidance documents in total, including Right or Wrong? Should the Boy Scouts Exclude Homosexuals? According to PubMed, Dr. Cameron currently ranks among the top fifteen researchers in the world on the topic of homosexuality. He also does extensive statistical research and consulting in other areas, including environmental and biomedical applications.