Do Homosexual Teachers Pose A Risk?

Current Educational “Wisdom” — 1995

Major educational associations tell U.S. Supreme Court there is no “foundation in fact” to the claim that gay teachers “are more likely than heterosexual men to molest children”

The Empirical Truth

  • Every comparative study indicates gay teachers are the most likely — and heterosexual female teachers the least likely — to sexually molest students
  • Homosexuals comprise ≤ 4% of teachers, but far out-do their share of teacher-pupil molestations

Media News Reports, 1980-2006

  • 902 teachers molested 3,457 students; 43% of perpetrators were homosexual
  • Disproportionate homosexual ‘footprint’ around the world: Ireland (63%), New Zealand (62%), Canada (60%), Scotland (54%), Australia (48%), England (47%), U.S. (35%), Africa (26%), Asia (13%)

Survey of Principals

  • 1400 principals asked about teacher-student sex complaints
  • 7% reported homosexual contact, 13% heterosexual contact; 35% of all complaints were about homosexual teachers

Reports by Superintendents

  • New York State — 225 reported cases of student sexual abuse by “professional staff;” 27% of abuses were homosexual
  • North Carolina — 21 high school teachers disciplined for sexual contact with students in “past 3 years;” 29% were homosexual

Disciplinary Actions

  • 199 teachers disciplined for molesting pupils in 10 western U.S. states
  • 32% of perpetrators engaged in homosexuality


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