What Proportion of Heterosexuals is Ex-Homosexual?

Author: Paul Cameron and Kirk Cameron

Summary: How many heterosexuals are ‘ex-homosexuals’? In 1984, a random sample of Dallas adults indicated that 8 (2.7%) of 294 currently heterosexual men and 4 (1.0%) of 393 currently heterosexual women said that they were ex-homosexual. Of an urban sample from 5 additional cities, 0.5% of current heterosexuals reported that they had been homosexually ‘married.’ It thus appears that perhaps 1-2% of heterosexuals are ex-homosexuals. Proportionately more adults than teenagers and more men than women moved from homosexuality to heterosexuality. Of the 18 who changed, 12 became heterosexual and 6 bisexual, suggesting that perhaps two-thirds of those who abandon “being” homosexual ‘become’ heterosexual and a third ‘become’ bisexual. Because labeling oneself ‘homosexual’ is so mutable and value-laden, the term ‘omnisexual’ is suggested.

References: Psychological Reports, 2002, 91, 1087-1097.