Numbers of Homosexual Parents Living with Their Children

Author: Paul Cameron

Summary: Those contending for the ‘normalcy’ of homosexuality claim there are 800,000 to 7 million homosexual parents raising between 1 and 9 million children. The 1996 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, a nationally representative sample of 12,321 ages 18 through 59 yr., reported about 416,000 parents — most of whom were married — living with children under the age of 17 yr. who reported same-sex “vaginal, oral, or anal sex” in the past 12 months. Two random-sample surveys suggested that there are fewer than half a million homosexual parents, and a total sample of 14,000 mothers in Avon suggests even fewer. Thus, it is likely that fewer than 500,000 homosexual parents live with fewer than 750,000 children under 18 yr.

Reference: Cameron P (2004) Numbers of homosexual parents living with their children. Psychological Reports, 94: 179-188.