Homosexual Partnerships and Homosexual Longevity: A Replication

Author: Paul Cameron

Summary: Replicating previous findings that homosexuals are underrepresented after middle age, the 1996 National Household Survey of Drug Abuse (N = 12,381) and 2000 Kaiser Family Foundation 15-city survey (N = 405) reported that homosexual men and women are seldom aged 50+ yr. and that older homosexuals are more apt to have a homosexual partner. Deaths of 228 homosexuals as recorded in the Washington Blade 1999-2001 were examined. Although more apt to have a partner when older, the median age of death of 88 homosexually partnered men was 45 yr., while for 118 unpartnered homosexual men it was 46 yr. This is consistent with the suggestion that homosexual partnering may be an additional hazard to men.

References: Psychological Reports, 2002, 91, 671-678.