Oddities in Kirkpatrick, Et Al.’s Study of Children of Lesbian Mothers

Author: Paul Cameron

Summary: Kirkpatrick, et al.’s 1976 study of what happened to 20 lesbians’ children has received considerable attention, apparently later being matched with 20 heterosexuals’ children. In 2004, Kirkpatrick generally acknowledged Schumm’s caution that her findings are less impressive than are needed, yet, Kirkpatrick stated her “early findings have been reinforced” and that “no evidence of differences in the children grouped by the mother’s sexual orientation” have been documented by subsequent research. Close examination of the data of these studies indicates that children from 13 lesbian mothers were compared with children from 13 divorced heterosexuals. Further, there are contradictions between the published reports regarding the nature of samples and various findings. Analysis of Kirkpatrick, et al.’s study suggests that children do less well when raised by homosexual parents.

References: Psychological Reports, 2005, 96, 397-407.