Green, Mandel, Hotvedt, Gray, and Smith’s Study of 50 Lesbian Mothers and Their Children

Authors: Paul Cameron, Kirk Cameron, and Thomas Landess

Summary: The 1986 study of 50 lesbian mothers by Green, et al. may be the most influential concerning homosexual parenting. However, after setting standards for — and noting preliminary evidence of — gender identity confusion in 1980 and 1982, confirmatory findings in 1986 were not included in the report’s abstract and conclusions. Numerous discrepancies in different published accounts of this study — including number of subjects and how subjects were matched and analyzed — cannot be reconciled. The earliest reports were not cited in the final report which led to treatment in the literature as separate studies. The inconsistencies between the published accounts are substantive and numerous enough to recommend that the authors issue a complete and detailed report of the study.

References: Psychological Reports, 2001, 88, 1223-1234.