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The West is suicidal. Though the dearth of children is its most important problem, Europe bows the knee to homosexuality and along with U.S. support, applies force to gain its acceptance elsewhere. Gay rights is exceptionally harmful as it reinforces the Hollywood/Psychiatric, pill-enabling value — “adults should have the right to have sex with any adult” — that has led to our demographic decline. Fifteen U.S. states grant marriage for homosexual feelings and ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act = special rights for gays/transsexuals) has passed the Senate.

Conservatives’ political power may be sufficient to keep ENDA from passing the House. But scientific evidence countering the common claims that ‘gays are no more apt to molest’ and ‘homosexuality is normal’ would get media attention, while having worldwide impact. Such evidence might even be compelling for most in both parties.

Currently it appears that if Christendom is to be saved from homosexualization and decline, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be her Charles Martel and Russia her Vienna. I have just returned from sharing scientific evidence with the Russian DUMA (the near equivalent of the American Congress) that (1) the baby deficit will grind the West to dust; and (2) homosexual activity is associated with:

  • higher rates of child molestation;
  • a negative influence on our long-term demographic future; the molested are often ‘converted’ and/or disturbed enough to make them less apt to marry and beget children, even if they do not pursue homosexuality themselves;
  • an early death, so dramatic that in the aggregate, its participants don’t even cover their costs, much less produce more than they consume, as is expected of healthy citizens.

Family Research Institute (FRI) needs $95,000 for two research projects to help the House reject ENDA and to powerfully influence gay rights debates worldwide.

Our main argument against ENDA should not be the oft-heard ‘it reduces religious freedom,’ which only about a third of Republicans and perhaps 10% of Democrats find compelling. Instead we should confront the socially substantive issues involved head-on, proving that GLBT are much more apt to:

  • molest children; disqualifying them for jobs with, or access to, children, and placing every institution that hires them at tremendous financial and moral risk (e.g., Penn State, the American Catholic Church); and
  • get ill and die during their working years, increasing employers’ costs for training, replacement, health care, etc.

The results of these projects will also have considerable utility in Eastern Europe, especially Russia — the country key at this time to rolling back the gay tide.

Project #1 Documenting the disproportionate child molestation by homosexuals

The major desire of the homosexual movement is to get sexual access to children, especially boys. While direct sexual access is currently illegal everywhere, albeit seldom enforced in a number of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, once access is achieved at least some children can be propagandized to accept homosexuality and others can be molested. Many of the molested, especially boys, will be converted into homosexuals themselves.

Currently, the gay rights movement is gaining access to adopt or foster children by acquiring the right to marry and thereby adopt or foster children. Being protected under civil rights law so that homosexuals can openly serve as childcare workers, child advocates and/or tenders, and teachers is another major goal that can lead to even more such access.

As an example of the goals of gay activists and liberal sympathizers, the American Psychiatric Association has just said it was a ‘mistake’ to list those with desires to have sex with children as a “sexual orientation” in the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM V). Perhaps it was, but this section of the DSM is closely watched by outsiders and many reviewers ‘missed’ this, even as the DSM went to print. Some ‘mistake;’ the push to permit sex with boys will continue.

The disproportionate molestation by homosexuals is THE most important fact to establish and exploit. As such, our findings could go a significant way toward demolishing the lies about child molestation being disseminated by American and European professional societies. In particular, the American Psychiatric/Psychological/Social Work associations assert that homosexuals are no more apt to molest than are heterosexuals. Their claim is regarded as ‘scientific proof’ by many, since they assert that the scientific evidence is consistently on their side.

The best way to combat this ‘professional consensus’ is empirical evidence to the contrary. FRI has been systematically gathering evidence on child molestation reports across the Western World. We would like to obtain similar Russian and Eastern European data to allow for cross-cultural comparisons and to determine if the same trends are evident worldwide. Not only would such data enable us to publish both sets of data in international professional journals (lending prestige to the effort), but would also directly address what is going on in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. Data from Russia specifically would also illuminate to what degree Russian conservatism has dampened rates of homosexual molestation, if it has, or expose the need for further legislation if it has not.

FRI’s preliminary findings based on systematic searches of Google News in English include the first 451 child molestation news stories that could be scored during the first 3 months of 2013. We intend to increase the English sample to include the first 1,000 news stories. A matching effort in Russian and possibly other languages, differing only in the use of language, would be exceptionally useful.

The method of gathering news stories has to be precisely the same in Russian, etc. as we have done in English. So researchers are needed who are committed to ‘do it right’ and ‘without bias of any kind.’ While almost any meticulous adult who has access to the internet and reads well can do the searching, coding, and insertion of the story into our database, professionals, who will also lend their names and degrees to the project, would be preferable. At least one of the researchers has to write and read English well as we will be communicating via email. We are working with contacts in Russia, etc. toward garnering these professionals.

It will take some time to build a database comparable to FRI’s current one. In English, often the first account of a child molestation gives too little information to ascertain the sex of the perpetrator and the sex(es) of the victim(s), so further searching has to be employed to ‘track down the truth’ — a process which is often fairly time consuming. We assume it will be the same in Russia and elsewhere.

Gathering and coding a news story, and inserting it into the database, takes about half an hour per story. The analysis and write-up of the findings in the database has taken about an additional half hour per story. Thus, we estimate that completion of the project would require approximately $60,000 (U.S.), covering:

  • 500 U.S. professional hours for gathering and inserting the findings into the English database;
  • Another 500 or so Russian professional hours for gathering and inserting the findings from 500-1,000 news stories into the Russian database;
  • 500 U.S. professional hours to coordinate the research efforts, statistically analyze and write-up the findings from the additional cases, and navigate the submission to professional journals; and
  • A good Russian translator so that we can simultaneously publish our findings in Russian and English. The project will probably result in about a 30-page report in English and be about the same size in Russian, etc.
  • Additional moneys and manpower would be needed to expand the project to other countries in Eastern Europe.

The project can be completed by Spring 2014 if the money is raised by December 31, 2013.

Project #2 Documenting the brevity of the homosexual lifespan

Calling a sexual habit or taste ‘normal’ when it is associated with (or causes) a shortened lifespan is absurd. Yet the American and European Psychiatric/Psychological/Social Work Associations contend homosexuality is a ‘normal variant of human sexuality.’ Proving that those who engage in homosexuality experience significantly higher mortality (and morbidity) is a very, very strong argument against those who contend such practices are “normal.”

FRI scholars have been gathering obituary data from San Francisco and other cities to systematically assess trends in the homosexual lifespan. Completion of this project will require approximately $35,000 to:

  • Complete the data gathering and coding; check and finalize the database representing obituaries across a 30-year timeframe (100 professional hours);
  • Finish an innovative statistical analysis designed to justify the use of obituaries as a credible source of evidence about the lifespan (50-100 professional hours);
  • Compare the homosexual obituaries against mainstream obituaries, and against independent data sources such as official death statistics from Denmark, where registered homosexual partnerships/marriages have been in place since 1989 (100 professional hours);
  • Prepare a professional write-up and publish the findings (100 professional hours).

This project can also be completed by Spring 2014 if the money is raised by December 31, 2013.

Family Research Institute is a 501(c)3 organization, as such all donations are tax-deductible in the USA. The deadline for donations in the USA for this calendar year is December 31, 2013. Time is of the essence for getting these projects done and their evidence rapidly inserted into the public discourse.