How Many Homosexuals Are There?

Beginning of a Myth — 1948

  • Dr. Alfred Kinsey claims “37% of all men” had engaged in homosexuality; “10% were more or less homosexual”
  • Gay activists and academicians treat 10% figure as fact; endlessly repeat it

The Problem

  • Kinsey’s sampling method was woefully defective; heavily overloaded with prisoners, gay bars, and prostitutes; completely non-random
  • Distorted picture of American sexual habits; severely overestimated the prevalence of homosexuality

Best Evidence Today

  • < 2% of adults are currently ‘homosexual’ in large-scale probability surveys
  • Sexual preference/orientation is not ‘fixed’ or ‘frozen,’ even in adulthood; some try or abandon many kinds of sex, including homosexuality

1996, US Centers for Disease Control

  • National Household Survey of Drug Abuse, 12,381 non-institutionalized adults, aged 18-59
  • 1.3% of men, 1.1% of women participated in homosexual activity during the past year

2004, Statistics Canada

  • 121,300 adults
  • “1.0% of Canadians aged 18 to 59 considered themselves homosexual, and 0.7% considered themselves bisexual”

2010, British Office of National Statistics

    • 238,000 adults aged 16+
    • Response rate close to 96%
    • 1.6% of men, 1.3% of women said they were homosexual or bisexual


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