FRR Dec 2011 | Rush Limbaugh, Penn State, and Free Speech

The ‘take away’ from the Penn State sex abuse scandal is that Rush Limbaugh, the most popular and well-known talk-show host, fears to address the issue of homosexual child molestation. From Nazi Germany to Communist China, the first cost of a dictatorship is loss of freedom of speech. In discussing the scandal, Limbaugh said the ‘elephant in the shower room’ was homosexuality; talking about it could “end my career” (11/18). He eventually called Jerry Sandusky a “gay guy,” but bent over backwards to assure his listeners that most of those who engage in homosexuality do not molest children.

For the past two decades the West has been under homosexual censorship led by two key opinion-shaping industries — entertainment and education (with extensive help from psychiatrists and psychologists). Both industries are disproportionately populated by homosexuals and are in the midst of boy-molesting scandals.

The entertainment industry — from actors to media personalities — is known as a homosexual bastion. Thus Elizabeth Taylor could claim “without gays there is no Hollywood.” No wonder that the list of 21 “most notable” 2011 ‘comings out’ published by the The Advocate — a major gay magazine — included 8 actors/musicians, 7 sports figures, and 3 reporters.

Does this clustering of homosexuals endanger boys? You bet. In August, Corey Feldman — a well-known child star — said he was repeatedly molested, and nominated pedophilia as “the number one problem in Hollywood.” He asserts that Hollywood’s child actors work for powerful ‘pedophiles’ who demand lots of sexual favors, but he wouldn’t ‘name names.’ This is one scandal the media is ‘letting die.’ Hmm, wonder why…

But the education scandal continues to boil. The Washington Post asked “why didn’t anyone at Penn State speak up” about Sandusky (11/10)?  It and the rest of the media would have us believe that Jerry Sandusky is the Bernie Madoff of pederasts. Even as everyone went along with Bernie for money, so Penn State covered for Sandusky — to protect the money-making football machine. But a ‘for the money’ explanation doesn’t quite fit all the alleged facts. On November 22, Paul McLaughlin reportedly testified that in 2005 he contacted Graham Spanier — Penn State’s recently fired President — and offered to share taped evidence that a professor Neisworth had molested him in the 1970s (which apparently led to a six figure settlement). He was allegedly told “don’t bother.”

‘For the money’ also doesn’t completely account for the cover-ups of assistant Syracuse basketball coach Bernie Fine by town police, Syracuse University staff, and ESPN. Fine’s apparent pederasty was revealed in a recorded tape with Fine’s wife given to all these parties back in 2001. Indeed, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick says Syracuse police — for the first time in his experience — are resisting his office’s attempts to obtain records in the investigation of now ex-coach Fine. And the similar boy molestations uncovered at the Citadel in South Carolina involved a camp volunteer.

Notice something? Universities have a preponderance of heterosexuals. But, the perhaps 8% or so of employees who practice homosexuality are responsible for the great bulk of the child molestations! Everyone knows that homosexuals go ‘where the boys are.’ Thus the Boy Scouts and Catholic Priest scandals. But the University and Hollywood scandals exhibit another rule — ‘where gays cluster, boys suffer.’

‘The Pill’ Freed Up More Than Heterosexuality

Everyone knows ‘the pill’ freed heterosexuals from social control — but it also (indirectly) freed those who practice homosexuality. Before the 1960’s, ‘everyone’ had to conform to a norm that guaranteed a future — each citizen was responsible to get married and produce children. This social milieu was self-reinforcing: ‘If I must be disciplined in my sex life, then everybody else should be as well!’ Thus the citizenry generally worked to suppress those with deviant sexual habits.

But that changed radically with the invention of ‘the pill.’ Shielded by the anonymity of modern life, the pill assured that those with heterosexual tastes could live their sex lives almost free from social discipline. Pregnancies would no longer reveal your liaisons, and no one knew whether you were childless by fate or choice. Good news for homosexuals, because if heterosexuals could ‘do whatever they wanted’ sexually, the notion of fairness inevitably pushed heterosexuals to agree with ‘why punish those with other harmless sexual tastes?’

Of course, ‘harmless’ is the operative word. Is homosexuality indeed harmless?

Evangelizing for homosexuality, the entertainment industry (joining the psychiatric professions) began to flood the media with the message that ‘homosexuality is different, yet harmless.’ Hollywood asserted that homosexual practitioners were just as stable, just as worthy of marriage, just as worthy of parenthood, etc. The combination of these two new realities — the pill and Hollywood promotion of homosexuality — is the key to understanding where we are today.

The question the West (and, increasingly, the rest of the planet) faces is, if one can have sex with whomever with relatively little risk, shielded from society by anonymity and from physical responsibility by ‘the pill’ (and other meds), can’t one also have the fun depicted on the screen? The answer evident from our current demographic crisis is a resounding ‘no!’ The West is failing to produce enough children, and especially enough kids socialized in married, intact homes. The rest of the world is on course to join us.

The only thing that might stop this train is to disprove Hollywood’s claim that homosexuality is harmless. To show instead that engaging in homosexuality, per se, leads to social disruption. Consider two chaps in the recent news: Sheriff ‘Hollywood Pat’ Sullivan and Rev. Eddie Long. Though husbands and fathers, each had homosexual interests which led them ineluctably into socially disruptive and harmful activities.

Sullivan, ex-Sheriff of Arapahoe county and head of security for Cherry Creek Schools, was arrested and charged in the building that bore his name. Seems he traded meth for homosexual sex, got involved in prostitution, and — still being investigated — possibly murder. Everybody was ‘shocked’ since Sullivan had kept his activities secret from all but (apparently) his wife. The possible murder involved a gay porn star who Sullivan helped get a job at a school whose security he supervised.

Rev. Long, who built up a 25,000 member church in Atlanta, is in trouble because his wife is threatening divorce. Why? Well, he settled claims against him by four men who claimed he had sex with them while they were boys. But it appears the money might not have been his. And so on…

Lies, drugs, theft, sex with the underage, and more in these stories. And consistent with these anecdotes, empirical statistical studies disproportionately associate harmful activities with homosexuality. Can you think of current news stories that parallel those listed above? Professors luring girls, Sheriffs trading drugs for sex with women, or Pastors breaking every vow to have sex with girls?

How does this square with Hillary Clinton’s claim on December 6 in Geneva that homosexual activities are harmless? And that because of its neutrality “the President has directed all U.S. Government agencies engaged overseas to combat the criminalization of LGBT… conduct.”

Homosexuality can only be considered ‘neutral’ by suppressing the truth. Look at Secretary Clinton’s claims before the UN-sponsored group:

Now, there are some who say and believe that all gay people are pedophiles, that homosexuality is a disease that can be caught or cured, or that gays recruit others to become gay. Well, these notions are simply not true.

“All” homosexuals are not child molesters. But in the best scientific samples, 22% of male homosexuals admit to child molestation and 14% have been caught doing it. Both of these figures are much higher than for heterosexuals. Only by believing lies could we accept Clinton’s claim that you “strengthen communities” by legalizing homosexuality!