Are Homosexuality and Violence Linked?

A Shocking Murder

  • 2011 begins with news reports of the “corkscrew” murder: 21 yr-old male model murders his lover, a 65 yr-old Portuguese gay activist; cuts off his testicles with a corkscrew
  • Shocking aberration? One-time event? Or part of a pattern?

Homosexuality and Violence Are No Strangers

  • Top six U.S. serial killers were all involved in homosexuality
  • Past 5 years: 22% of 2,281 male homosexuals reported gay-on-gay physical violence; 5.1% reported gay-on-gay rape

Disproportionate Domestic Violence

  • Yearly domestic violence reports are disproportionately homosexual
  • Married adults reporting domestic violence: men = 0.04%; women = 0.24%
  • Homosexually-partnered adults reporting domestic violence: gays = 4.6%; lesbians = 5.8%

Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, 2004

  • Homosexuals more apt to report being raped, robbed, or assaulted each year
  • Homosexuals = 3.2%; heterosexuals = 1%


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