FRR Jul 2010 – Are Fathers Irrelevant?

That’s what the headlines claimed. 77 lesbian families with 78 offspring gotten by artificial insemination [AI] were studied when the kids attained 17 years of age. And the kids did fine without fathers! Indeed, perhaps a bit better than those kids with fathers. Homosexuals are WONDERFUL.

Unfortunately, this study in Pediatrics is an example of the usual ‘gay investigators find gay parenthood is nifty’ kind of study promoted by the professional associations. No matter how poorly done the study or absurd the conclusions, the study gets great coverage and the investigators ‘get away with murder.’

In the Pediatrics article, the kids of lesbians were “rated [by their mothers] significantly higher in social, school/academic, and significantly lower in social, rule-breaking, aggressive, and externalizing problem behavior than the [standardized] comparison group.” Hmm. Read more »

FRR Jun 2010 – Western ‘Gay Rights’, Islamic Pederasty

Might the march toward gay rights in the West at some point meld with widespread pederasty in the Middle East? This is not a rhetorical question. What ‘our allies’ do to boys in Afganistan and Pakistan echoes past Islamic practice and is cause for concern — especially since ‘our’ homosexuals have been successful in lowering the age of consent and are busily teaching Western children the wonders of homosexual sex.

We know that pederasty followed Muslim conquests from Spain to northern India and did not decline until the middle of the 18th century. Mohammed said “Beware of beardless youth for they are a greater source of mischief than young maidens.” Was he referring to men with sexual desires for boys?

The creation of the Taliban in Afghanistan offers a clue about the ‘dangerousness’ of boys: “Such is the Pashtun obsession with sodomy — locals tell you that birds fly over Kandahar using only one wing, the other covering their posterior — that the rape of young boys by warlords was one of the key factors in Mullah Omar mobilising the Taleban. In the summer of 1994… two [Afghan] commanders confronted each other over a young boy whom they both wanted to sodomise. In the ensuing fight civilians were killed. Omar’s group freed the boy and appeals began flooding in for Omar to help in other disputes. By November, Omar and his Taleban were Kandahar’s new rulers.” [1] Read more »