Press Release, Mar 2010 — Post Office Bars FRI Mailing

Post Office Bars Mail Critical of Gays in Military as ‘Obscene’ and ‘Treasonable’

March 17, 2010

Colorado Springs, CO: You can’t send mail disagreeing with President Obama on gays in the military!

So Family Research Institute (FRI) discovered March 4. The Post Office refused to send FRI’s mail saying it was ‘obscene’ and ‘’incited forcible resistance against the government!’

The Post Office has rejected mail in the past, but never for both being obscene and inciting violence.’ So this FRI mailing becomes the nation’s first ‘two-fer.’

“Something dangerous for free speech is going on,” said Dr. Paul Cameron, FRI’s chairman. “Our Colorado Springs think-tank has mailed newsletters for 28 years without censorship — until President Obama ordered the military to accept homosexuals. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The notion that the post office has the right to deem controversial speech unworthy of being mailed is ridiculous. How can the Post Office refuse to deliver our scholarly critique when it delivers a host of sordid magazines on a daily basis? If the Post Office can refuse our mail, whose is next?”

So what was in the mailing?

No threats were made, there was no encouragement to violate any laws. There was no description of sexual acts, no photographs or other depictions of anything.

Not even a call to rebellion – just an interview with a female military recruit who relates her 2009 experiences regarding taking basic training with a fairly large number of lesbians; analysis of gay historian Randy Shilts’ report about a gay bathroom in the Pentagon; and excerpts from a retired navy captain’s letter to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs describing his experiences with homosexuals aboard his naval vessel.

Yet our newsletter just got banned for obscenity and incitement to violence. And there is nothing ‘obscene’ or ‘treasonable’ in it (read it at”