1993 Report on Gays in the Military [Updated]

By Paul Cameron, Ph.D. and Kirk Cameron, Ph.D.

Summary: Over at least the past 30 years, a “shadow homosexual network,” including outposts in the Pentagon, has been established within the military. Homosexuality has significantly disrupted the military mission. Sexual activities, including homosexual flirtations, favoritism, and rapes have become part of the military subculture.

This report updates our original compilation of evidence on this issue, published in 1993. That original report indexed the degree to which those who practice homosexuality have troubled the U.S. Armed Forces, utilizing several lines of evidence:

  • Heterosexual versus homosexual military violations in 1953-54;
  • Review of the 1990 pro-gay Humphrey-Studds study, featuring first-person reports of homosexuals who had served;
  • Review of contemporary media accounts of homosexuals in the service; and
  • Independent polls and surveys conducted by FRI of those who served and their experiences with those who practiced homosexuality.

Despite more recent media attempts to highlight a fundamental shift in both public and military opinion when it comes to service by open homosexuals, the evidence we compiled in 1993 is still very relevant today. It is also consistent with our latest study1, which not only reports additional, corroborative first-hand testimony, but also examines all cases of sexual assault investigated by the Department of Defense (DoD) in 2007 through 2009. Our statistical analysis of these new data indicates that:

  • Gays and lesbians were at least 3 to 9 times more apt to be investigated for sexual assault on fellow service personnel than were non-homosexual service men and women.

Bottom line: Allowing homosexuals to openly serve would almost certainly exacerbate these disruptions.
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  1. Cameron P and Cameron K (2010) Family Research Institute special report: gays in the military – the sordid facts. Colorado Springs: Family Research Institute, posted at www.familyresearchinst.org

Press Release, Mar 2010 — Post Office Bars FRI Mailing

Post Office Bars Mail Critical of Gays in Military as ‘Obscene’ and ‘Treasonable’

March 17, 2010

Colorado Springs, CO: You can’t send mail disagreeing with President Obama on gays in the military!

So Family Research Institute (FRI) discovered March 4. The Post Office refused to send FRI’s mail saying it was ‘obscene’ and ‘’incited forcible resistance against the government!’

The Post Office has rejected mail in the past, but never for both being obscene and inciting violence.’ So this FRI mailing becomes the nation’s first ‘two-fer.’ Read more »

Mar 2010 | Banned by the US Postal Service!

The following letter was part of a FRI mailing that was rejected by a US Postal Inspector for being “obscene” and for inciting “forcible resistance against the government.” The mailing also included our February 2010 newsletter, discussing ‘gays in the military.’ FRI believes the reaction of the Postal Service is both unwarranted and unfounded. Judge for yourself…

February 2010

Dear Supporter,

Well, a Democrat is President, and gays-in-the-military is up again for debate!

This month’s newsletter deals with this issue, as do the excerpts of the following Feb. 8 letter from a Captain to Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“This letter is in response to your shocking statement last week that you advocate homosexuals openly serving in the military services. I seriously question the wisdom of your position… I am a retired Navy Captain… and… in my more than 31 years of active duty, I commanded two ships, served as Executive Officer on two ships, commanded Coastal Squadron ONE (Swift Boats) in Vietnam, and was Chief Staff Officer on an Amphibious Squadron.… I received a Juris Doctorate from the Hastings College of Law. Like you, I encountered homosexuals throughout my Navy career and in civilian life. Unlike you, I do not find they are more deserving than non-homosexuals or that they constitute a viable or necessary body of troops for the defense of our country. Read more »