FRR May 2009 — Gay Complaint Against Canada

Society justly discriminates against those who steal, dog it on the job, or swindle. On the basis of public health, it justly discriminates against smokers or those who use illegal drugs. Everyone recognizes how wrong and/or injurious these behaviors are and that they need to be discouraged.

But why doesn’t the same thing happen when one’s sexual lifestyle is so defective that they are more apt to commit suicide, get assorted STDs and cancers, and not live as long? What if they contribute less to society but, at the same time, are actually given more — in terms of benefits and protections — than average citizens? What is the response to being protected as a ‘sexual minority’ instead of being justly discriminated against? The answer? Seek even more protections — for injustice breeds more injustice.

What argument to use, however, for even more societal support? If someone is costing society more than most and contributing less than most — because of what sets them apart as a ‘sexual minority’ — and they further disrupt society by taking over rest areas, publicly having sex, and raising all kinds of cane… why shouldn’t society justly conclude that vigorous discrimination is the remedy?

The clear answer: turn the tables by contending that such discrimination is inherently unjust, and that being discriminated against causes all these bad things to happen to them.

Why not, in fact, launch a formal suit against society with these pretenses as evidence? Many might suppose ‘if they sue, surely they must be unjustly discriminated against.’ Further, filing such a suit could make it appear that society causes homosexuals to be less healthy. After all, most sane people don’t sue unless there is some merit to their case.

Of course, homosexuals are neither ‘normal’ nor particularly ‘sane.’ They are never going to frame the suit in terms of their behavior. Just how far would such a suit go if homosexuals publicly contended that they ‘innocently put their penises into places they don’t belong, got infected, so… society is to blame for any resulting infections and diseases…’?

No wonder then that the suit launched this year against Canadian society never mentions what homosexuals do or the medical consequences that result from this behavior. To hear the homosexuals tell it, it isn’t the anal sex or promiscuity that causes harm, it’s society’s disapproval of their activities.

Posturing as victims worked with AIDS. The slogan ‘everybody with AIDS is innocent’ seems too silly to have worked. But it did. HIV gets more research dollars per infected person than any other disease!

So why not run the same scheme for all the other maladies and troubles associated with the gay lifestyle? Exactly this is now happening in Canada. In a suit filed February 2009, the gay/lesbian/bisexual lobby complains about inequality! Consider their opening:

We are gay, lesbian or bisexual (GLB) Canadians who believe that the GLB population does not receive equitable levels of programming supports based on needs when compared with programming supports for the general population and other minority populations, from Health Canada or the Public Health Agency of Canada. In particular, the GLB population is not included as a priority population and therefore receives no dedicated funding when addressing those health issues where GLB communities are disproportionately affected. Such inequities occur despite departmental and agency mandates, and precedents each have established in providing dedicated funding for other specific minority populations [as Canada’s Native Indians].

These government departments might suggest that GLB populations aren’t specifically excluded from their programs and services. However, ignoring the unique health needs of our community is a form of discrimination against our communities.

Remember the Marxian ideal, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs?” Gay activists are not about to address whatever their responsibilities might be (i.e., “from each”), but the “needs” part is right down their alley. After all, every decent empirical study shows that homosexuals generate so many problems for themselves (as well as others), that they ‘need’ all kinds of help.

Married people live healthier, longer, and are generally richer. So, from the liberal perspective of inequity, it makes sense that they should be taxed to give ‘special benefits’ to those who pursue homosexual interests.

Isn’t it simply shocking that the Canadian government is not “actively or methodically working to address the unique health and wellness issues faced by lesbian, gay and bisexual Canadians… [And this even though] the health status of GLB Canadians is among the poorest of any population in Canada”?

Wow. What might have caused this terrible circumstance?

For one thing, a lack of money for GLB leaders “to work with the government to improve their health.” Didn’t you know that the

GLB population is not included as a priority population and therefore receives no dedicated funding when addressing those health issues where GLB communities are disproportionately affected. Such inequities occur despite departmental and agency mandates, and precedents each have established in providing dedicated funding for other specific minority populations.

So what is the evidence of this terrible discrimination? The simple fact that, by almost every measure, homosexuals are less healthy. ‘Obviously,’ homosexual sex is just as ‘healthy’ as normal, heterosexual sex, so it must be discrimination that ‘explains’ the discrepancies.

Consider the catalogue of harms raised in the GLB suit — all of which is our fault.

Life Expectancy

While the number of studies on the life expectancy of GLB people is limited, what research exists consistently indicates that the life expectancy of GLB people is substantially lower than that of the general population.

How much? The

life expectancy of gay/bisexual men in Canada is 55 years…. Less research has been conducted on the life expectancy for lesbians in Canada but health indicators suggest that while it is not as low as that for gay men, it is still lower than the life expectancy of the general population.

Surely this reduced lifespan is not a consequence of what homosexuals do — no matter how biologically dangerous or disgusting. It must be because we refuse to say and believe that what they do is just grand.


When compared with the heterosexual population, GLB people commit suicide at rates that range from a low of twice as often, to a high of 13.9 times more often, than the general population. A more usually quoted number is that GLB people have a suicide rate 3 times greater than that of the general population and that GLB people comprise 30% of all suicides in Canada.

FRI agrees that violence — including suicide — is more common among those who engage in homosexuality. How much more so? Hard to tell — since those who succeed can’t be questioned.

The rate of suicide has stayed fairly steady at 11/100,000 population in the U.S. and about 12/100,000 in Canada. Most suicides appear to be associated with use of drugs or alcohol. To FRI’s knowledge, the one study that did a social-psychological autopsy of a set of suicides found an excess, but not a doubling, of suicides among those who engaged in homosexuality. This difference was not large enough to be ‘statistically significant.’

If the 1.7% of Canadians who are identified by Statistics Canada as ‘gay’ commit 30% of all suicides (e.g., ~1200 suicides per year) their lives must be miserable, since such a figure would suggest a rate of suicide around 25 times higher for this subgroup. FRI doubts this claim, but if anywhere near true, this is a sufficient fact to damn homosexual behavior, and to drill it into the heads of school children. They should be encouraged to stay away from kids or adults messing with homosexuality, rather than be introduced to homosexuality as a possible ‘healthy’ choice.

Surely this heightened suicide rate is not a consequence of what homosexuals do — their instability, their promiscuity, etc. It must be because we refuse to say and believe that what they do is just terrific!

But consider their claim that “[s]uicide is preventable and with appropriate programming the suicide rate in GLB people could be substantially reduced.” The media is forever reporting on suicide prevention programs in schools. Unfortunately, desire or intent to ‘prevent’ or ‘treat’ suicide is not the same thing as actually making a difference. The outcome studies of ‘suicide prevention’ programs almost unanimously find either no effect, or perhaps a slight increase because of them.


Studies have found that GLB people have smoking rates ranging from a low of 1.3 times higher, to 3 times higher, than that of the general population. Studies of GLB youth have shown smoking rates even higher, with one study of young lesbians in the southern United States stating that 78% were smokers.

FRI agrees with this assessment. Those who engage in homosexuality are considerably more apt to smoke.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada have funded extensive social marketing campaigns to reduce smoking rates, although few of those campaigns targeted GLB communities. As with suicide, smoking is preventable and with appropriate programming the smoking rate in GLB people could be substantially reduced.

Notice that while homosexuals have apparently already gotten at least some money for “extensive marketing campaigns,” the result has been nil — homosexuals are still more apt to smoke. Why is this if they have been ‘targeted’ (albeit infrequently) for marketing campaigns? Because no marketing or education campaign has been shown to reduce smoking long-term. None. Not for anyone, let alone homosexuals.

So why has the rate of smoking gone down? Partially because it costs more these days (more taxes, mainly), but mostly because — in harmony with the research and recommendations of FRI’s Chairman, Dr. Paul Cameron, in the late 1960s-early 1970s — smokers are quarantined from restaurants, public buildings, etc.

Those who are quarantined are discriminated against by others because ‘society’ has said they are either doing wrong or that they have a contagious disease or condition. Some stop because of the inconvenience. Some stop because of this discrimination. But one thing is certain — being quarantined discourages many from taking up the habit and others from continuing it. The same is true of homosexuality: society gets more of what it protects and lauds, less of what is difficult and discriminated against.


Studies into the rates of alcoholism in GLB people show a range from a low of 1.4 times higher, to a high of 7 times greater, than the general population.

FRI agrees with this assessment. Those ‘addicted’ to one thing or substance (in this case homosexual behavior) are more apt to also be ‘addicted’ to another thing or substance. Smokers are more apt to use illegal drugs. Druggies are more apt to engage in homosexuality, participate in violence, etc.


It is estimated that 5% of the general population experiences severe depression at some point in their lives. However, studies into depression within the GLB community show rates ranging from a low of 1.8 times higher, to a high of 3 times higher….

FRI agrees that the ‘gay’ life leads many to severe depression.


It is within the area of HIV/AIDS that the inequities in Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada policies and programs vis-à-vis GLB people are most clearly illustrated. Gay and bisexual men… comprise 76.1% of the AIDS cases since statistics were first kept…. The GLB community has borne the brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, yet 25 years after the epidemic first appeared in Canada there has never been a dedicated program or strategy — and by extension, sufficient funding — to tackle this epidemic in the GLB community.

If one uses Statistics Canada’s figure of 1.7% for the percentage of the population that is homosexual or bisexual, then the HIV infection rate is at least 26 times higher than the general population.

Of course, those who practice homosexuality run all sorts of risks. But “borne the brunt” congers up images of an invading army of virus sweeping through the land, and either

  1. brave homosexuals stepping up meet the threat head-on, or
  2. innocent homosexuals being unjustly targeted for infection!

The sad fact is that these individuals got and spread the disease because of their sexual habits, not because of any chivalry on their part or some nefarious conspiracy to target homosexual practitioners.


Gay men, lesbians and bisexual men and women are at higher risk for some cancers as a result of their sexual orientation and because preventative messaging is not targeted at GLB communities. Because of higher rates of smoking and alcohol use, GLB populations are at a higher risk for lung and liver cancer. Sexually-active gay and bisexual men have a higher prevalence of anal cancer precursors due to frequent exposure to the human papillomavirus, a virus believed also to be a contributor to high rates of head, throat and neck cancers among this same population.

Lesbians are reported to be at a higher risk for breast cancer based on particular risk factors more prevalent in this population. Lesbians are also at increased risk for cervical cancer….

Shame on society! These poor homosexuals are suffering because we haven’t found a way to either prevent their infection or cure them. After all, they are only doing what their sexual orientation ‘forces’ them to do.

Blood and Organ Donations

While we recognize that the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is primarily responsible for the policies around the safety of blood transfusions, we believe that Health Canada, which funds the CBS, is ultimately responsible for the policy that prevents any gay or bisexual male from donating blood if they have had sexual intercourse with another man since 1977. Since this policy has no basis in science, is it possible that some Health Canada officials still fear a risk of being sued because of their role in the tainted blood scandal and are taking a course of action that protects them to the detriment of GLB Canadians?

Hmm… hundreds of Canadians have been infected by using blood from male homosexuals. Unfortunately, dropping the restriction on homosexual donations while using the best and latest blood tests won’t eliminate the risk, only reduce it: maybe down to at most 1 transfusion-related infection per year. Which is more important: keeping the blood supply as close to 100% safe as possible or placating homosexuals by eliminating the current donor restrictions?

Other countries have examined their policies and made changes regarding blood donations from gay or bisexual men. [In] the United States, [a] spokesperson from the American Red Cross said, ‘It does not appear rational to treat gay sex differently from straight sex.’ There is no real scientific justification for maintaining the discriminatory lifetime ban on blood donations by men who have sex with another man. However, such a policy sends a powerful message that gay and bisexual men are a threat to public health.

Is this a joke? “It does not appear rational to treat gay sex differently from straight sex”? Gay sex is inherently biologically dangerous and disgusting. To placate homosexuals, we are all to live within the embrace of a LIE. No matter what the Red Cross says, heterosexual sex is necessary for our society to continue; homosexual sex is — at its most benign — unproductive, and usually, disease-spreading. People are ‘homophobic’ because they should be.

Who knows whether the Canadian government will decide that even more risk must be borne by the general public to satisfy the sensitivities of homosexuals? And, of course, if gay activists win their suit, the general public will have to cough up more money to also employ these activists to ‘try to prevent’ the excess suicides, STDs, murders, etc. associated with homosexual behavior.

The moral of the story: injustice breeds more injustice.