Child Molestation and Homosexuality

Authors: Paul Cameron, Kay Proctor, William Coburn, Jr., Nels Forde, Helen Larson, and Kirk Cameron

Summary: How much child molestation occurs in our society and how much is homosexual? Random-probability samples in Los Angeles, Denver, Omaha, Louisville, and Washington, DC yielded 4,340 adults who answered an extensive questionnaire regarding sexual attitudes, activities, and experiences. Results indicate that perhaps 16% of both boys and girls claim sexual relations with an adult before the age of 16; if only experiences with men are counted about 5% of boys and 15% of girls claim sexual involvements. Sexual contacts with adults before respondents were aged 13 were claimed by 9% of boys and 7% of girls; if only experiences with men are counted, only 3% of boys claimed molestation. Considering only children’s claims of sex with men, about a third were homosexual molestations. About 1% of females claimed some sexual involvement with their fathers and a alike number with stepfathers. The latter were considerably more apt to be considered “serious.” About 1% of elementary pupils and 3% of secondary pupils claimed sexual advances by  teachers and about a third of these advances resulted in physical sexual contact. Bisexuals or homosexuals claimed much more frequent sexual contact with caretakers, and homosexuality was disproportionately implicated in sexual events under caretakers’ charge. No generational differences in rate of claims of sexual molestation were found.

References: Psychological Reports, 1986, 58, 327-337.